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It's sweet, it's warm, it's comforting. Vanilla is reliable. Vanilla doesn't let you down. Vanilla reminds us of how sometimes the simple things in life can be the best things in life.

Note Profile
Top: Vanilla
Middle: Buttercream
Base: Vanilla

Apple Cider

Up ahead you see the steaming stall on the edge of the river walk. You head towards it and watch them pour the warm drink, handing it to you with a contented smile.  You hold it with two hands and enjoy the perfect blend of apple, cinnamon and lemon, as you continue on you journey.

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Top: Fresh, fruity green apple. 

Middle: Honey, cinnamon bark, nuts, creamy caramel, maple sugar, cider spice.

Base: Warm French vanilla. 


Spiced Pumpkin

They call us witches, but they do not know of what they speak. We are but humble servants of the earth; our mistress. Our magic is her magic. Magic with which we use to spin the most modest of harvests into the most magnificent. Our spells and potions are but recipes passed down and down again. If our spices and our pies are magic? Then we consent: we are indeed witches, and you are under our spell.

Note Profile

Top: Creamy pumpkin puree, ground cinnamon, cardamom.

Middle: Vermont maple, rum. 

Base: French vanilla and caramelised sugar.

Note: More likely to discolour slightly after burning.

Cinnamon Chai

The cafe is bustling with life.  It's a dreary morning in Edinburgh, but it's exactly what you need in this moment.  The cinnamon and spices mix perfectly with the fog and glistening footpaths outside, and you listen intently as the Scots chat around you, talking of everything but the weather they're so used to.

Note Profile
Top: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Orange Peel
Middle: Cream, Nutmeg, Pepper
Base: Black Tea, Clove, Vanilla

Note: More likely to discolour after burning.


Birch and Fir

The forest is damp and chilly, but full of a life-force that is almost palpable.  You've chosen your tree; your symbol of family and community and hope.  You watch as your symbol is felled, saying a prayer for the sacrifice it made, but reassuring the place that you will take care of it's bounty and return their offering with immeasurable amounts of love and joy; propelling it into a world that so desperately needs it.

Note Profile
Top: Eucalyptus, Mint, Lemon Peel, Cypress
Middle: Pine, Evergreen, Cedar, Birch
Base: Tonka Bean, Smoke, Fir, Amber, Moss


You watch your big sister ready to go out with her friends. Her hair is perfect. Her clothes are perfect. She's fun and bubbly and sweet. You want to go with her, out with her friends, but she says, “Not today. Maybe another time.” so you steal a spritz of her favourite perfume and waft her, sweet, fruity, citrus scent all the way to your room.

Note Profile

Top: Tropical Fruits and Sugared Citrus (Oranges, Lemons, and Limes) with Violet Leaf, Sweet Japanese Quince,

Middle: Sun Ripened Cassis, Sparkling Pomelo, Sun Weathered Driftwood, and Redolent.

Base: Lightly Exotic Mountain Greens.


Texas Spring

Under the big, blue Texas sky, the wildflowers are blossoming. Bluebonnets cover every vacant field, filling the air with their unique blend of gardenia and jasmine and frangipani. There’s nothing else like it, and nowhere you’d rather be.

Note Profile
Top: Gardenia, Frangipani, Lemon Peel
Middle: Tuberose, Jasmine, Green Floral
Base: Powder

English Rose

All you did was walk by, and the simple waft of the Cécile Brünner rose brought you back to summers with your Grandma.  She taught you everything you know about gardening, and you can see her hardened hands in your mind's eye as your rush to where you're going.  But you have time.  You go back to the flower and take a moment; smiling as you pause to remember the sun on your face, the perfume in the air, and your grandmother hard at work in her Eden. 

Note Profile

Top: Rose

Middle: Rose

Base: More Rose


Peppermint Mocha

You travelled thousands of miles to get here.  The sun is shining through the streets -- a mix of old and new, arts and industry, homes and offices.  You're meeting your online friend for the first time, and as you round the corner you think you see her.  She's absolutely beaming, and your nerves turn to excitement as you sit down and order "the cafe special, please."  It's Melbourne after all -- the coffee is said to be incredible. 

Note Profile
Top:  Coconut Milk
Middle:  Peppermint
Base:  Chocolate, Vanilla

Beachside Garden

You can hear the ocean; the birds, the waves, the gentle wind, all from your back veranda.  You smell the florals from your garden mixed with the ocean breeze, and in that moment you know...  Everything is going to be okay.

Note Profile

Top: White Tea, Citrus Peel, Ozone Air
Middle: Eucalyptus, Salt Water, Moss
Base: Jasmine, White Willow

Lemon Peel & Date

The air is moist, the ground is warm, and the trees are swaying gently in the breeze.  This is the island holiday you've been dreaming of, and it's everything you hoped and more.  The fresh food, the crystal clear waters, the abundance of smiles - this is what tropical life is.  You can't help but wonder... do you really have to go back?

Note Profile
Top: Fiji Dates
Middle: Lemon Peel, Citrus, Rainforest Greens
Base: Sugar Cane


Coming Soon

It's the time between time.  Between light and dark.  A shifting of worlds happens now, and most are none the wiser.  Not you, though.  You know what lurks out there. What hunts out there.  You know he smells of the forest and the earth, but also of Her floral bounties.  You've looked for him, missing him only by a hair.  But time is different now, and you know that when twilight arrives... So will he.  Are you ready?

Note Profile
Top: Marine, Eucalyptus, Sea Salt
Middle: Water Lotus, Rose, Orange Blossom
Base: Woody


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